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Be at the office, when you can’t be at the office.

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Make hybrid work awesome

Hybrid collaboration can be challenging. Remote teammates suffer from the "second-class citizen problem" - feeling excluded from spontaneous brainstorms, magic moments, and the creative energy of the office. Hybrid Spaces bridge the gap between remote and in-person teammates to make hybrid work the best of both worlds.

What are Hybrid Spaces?

Hybrid Spaces empower your remote employees to engage with their in-person teammates. Spaces are made up of multiple kiosks distributed across your office (open floor, meeting rooms, lounges...) to enable remote mobility and seamless interractions.

Teleport around the office, connect, and collaborate

Designed for every space

Tandem spaces can be set-up using different types of video and audio conferencing systems depending on the size, and configuration of your office. Check out some of our recommendations!

Order Hardware
Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System
peopleIdeal for Large Spaces
Logitech Brio HD Video and Audio Conferencing System
businessIdeal for Medium Spaces
Lenovo Chromebook 3 14" Laptop - Mediatek MT8183
homeIdeal for Small Spaces

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What are Hybrid Spaces?
With the majority of companies embracing a hybrid work model, remote teammates can feel like 2nd-class citizens. Hybrid Spaces is a window into the office to let remote teammates engage and collaborate with their in-person teammates.
What is a Kiosk?
Every Hybrid space is made out of multiple “kiosks”. Kiosks are monitors equipped with a video and audio conferencing system that provide a window into your office. We recommend setting up multiple kiosks around your office so that your remote teammates can get a view into what’s happening in the office, from multiple angles.
Where can I find Hybrid Spaces in the desktop app?
Once enabled, hybrid spaces will show up under “Tables” and before “Rooms”. They should look like this (your spaces admin will be able to customize the name of the kiosks and spaces):
How do Spaces work, in 1 minute?
  • Your Tandem virtual office (desktop app) has special rooms called Spaces, which allow remote teammates to connect to a set of live Kiosks (cameras + screens) in the office.
  • As a remote teammate, when you click to enter a Space, you’ll join in listening mode which we call Available: Note: Your teammates will see you’re available, but you need to click on a specific kiosk camera to talk.
  • Here’s a 1-minute video of what the remote experience is like.
How to use Hybrid Spaces remotely?
  • Remote teammates:
    • Pop in to say hi in the morning!
    • Co-work - Click into the space, and stay in the “available” state to be connected to the space. People in the office will see you’re available.
    • track someone down
    • meetings / collaboration
      • before - see if the person you’re meeting is around / chatting with others.
      • during - join the meeting on Tandem and “wave” at a kiosk to invite it to the meeting.
      • after - meeting running over? move the conversation to another kiosk to continue
How to use Hybrid Spaces in the office?
  • In-office teammates:
    • in-person? Join the meeting and mute audio / silence your speaker to cast onto the screen (we’re adding a join-without-audio feature soon to make this easier).
    • Use the remote or keyboard arrows (or mouse) on the Kiosk to wave at teammates.

Hybrid Work Resources.

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Hybrid Anxiety and Hybrid Optimism: The Near Future of Work

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