The most innovative, fast-growing, collaborative companies use Tandem

Just seeing someone's name, being able to click on it and jump right into a conversation reduces the barrier to collaboration. Tandem gives us the space to work on things together, without having to schedule back-to-back meetings.
Dani Sandoval
Director of Design
Tandem is what's allowed us to function well as a distributed team. Our average meeting times are shorter than on Zoom, and there's less friction when you just need to need to talk to someone for a few minutes.
Everett Cook
Because of Tandem, we won't be returning to the office. Our remote team is truly aligned in a way that wasn't possible on Zoom or Meet. Tandem gives us an edge over the competition in our market. I almost don't want to share our advantage!
Renan Serrano
I love using Tandem with my team at Autodesk. I find that we're talking more frequently and not waiting for scheduled meetings to eliminate roadblocks on projects. A huge productivity win all around.
Laura Talbot
Senior Manager, Business Models
The best thing about Tandem is accessibility. As a remote company, we really promote being able to tap someone on the shoulder in a way that's *easier* than being in the office, and Tandem promotes that. It's even lower friction than working in-person, and getting up from your desk to talk to someone!
We've been using Tandem for over a year, and have found it essential for quick collaboration, for our chattier teams to work well together seamlessly and to help the company as a whole feel less lonely.
Danielle Lovell
Chief of Staff
Amazing product for remote or hybrid teams, we have been using it for more than a year and a half, at first only within Product and Tech Team. We choose to expand to the whole company when remote was made compulsory, and it helped us so much communicating ! Thanks Tandem 🖐💙
Charlotte Bar
Tandem power user here. Just wanted to say how awesome this product and team is. Tandem has been our home base for over 1.5 years now, and everyone that’s joined our team has absolutely loved it. They seem to have a sixth sense for what a virtual office needs to look like. Can’t recommend it enough!
Sid Pandiya
CEO and Co-Founder