Video conferencing software built for small teams

Work together synchronously with virtual meetings, calendar alerts, and high fives - even while remote.

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World class teams use Tandem

Your Whole Team,
One Click Away

Understand what’s going on in your office, and who’s available to chat.

Upcoming Meetings

Auto-join so you never miss a meeting.

Wave & Talk

Wave at your teammates and chat in a click.

Notify Me When Free

Ask Tandem to notify you when your teammates are free for a chat.

Supercharge Your Meetings

Connect effortlessly with your distributed team.

Meeting Widgets

Timer, standup, agenda, poll, music, and more!

High-Five & Rockets

Break the ice and celebrate together!

Meeting Reminders & Auto-Join

Stay in the flow and never be late to a meeting.

Seamless Collaboration

Interact as if you’re in the same room.

Instant Screensharing

Share your screen, tab, or app in one click.

Shared Cursors

Point and interact on teammates’ screens.

Remote Control

Enable remote screen control in one click.

Work Better Together

Hang out with your team, wherever you are.


Get together in tables and overhear neighboring conversations.


Public or private, for more focused conversations.

Music Rooms

DJ for your teammates while co-working.

Hybrid Spaces

Teleport around the office, connect, and collaborate with your hybrid team.


Spontaneous & Scheduled Conversations

Join hybrid meeting rooms, or start a casual chat in the open floor.

Hybrid Collaboration

Brainstorm and whiteboard together as if you were in the same room.

Socialize & Hang Out

Say Hi and get to know your teammates.

200+ Integrations

Get a sense of what’s going on in your office, and who’s available to chat.

VS Code


Works on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android

@Tandem continues to impress me with the experience so far. A no-frill, straightforward virtual office that tenfolds better and smarter than those with an 8-bit-like graphic virtual office.

Jake Hung Tran
Product @ Placenote

Obviously can’t emphasize @Tandem enough which has made remote working possible, without which managing and having fun with @blueskylab team would have been so impossible.

Abhilasha Purwar

Tandem is what's allowed us to function well as a distributed team. Our average meeting times are shorter than on Zoom, and there's less friction when you just need to need to talk to someone for a few minutes.

Everett Cook
CEO of Rho

Amazing product for remote or hybrid teams, we have been using it for more than a year and a half, at first only within Product and Tech Team. We choose to expand to the whole company when remote was made compulsory, and it helped us so much communicating ! Thanks Tandem 🖐💙

Charlotte Bar
CPO at Sybel

We've been using Tandem for over a year, and have found it essential for quick collaboration, for our chattier teams to work well together seamlessly and to help the company as a whole feel less lonely.

Danielle Lovell
Chief of Staff at Motionhall

Because of Tandem, we won't be returning to the office. Our remote team is truly aligned in a way that wasn't possible on Zoom or Meet. Tandem gives us an edge over the competition in our market. I almost don't want to share our advantage!

Renan Serrano
CEO at

Tandem power user here. Just wanted to say how awesome this product and team is. Tandem has been our home base for over 1.5 years now, and everyone that’s joined our team has absolutely loved it. They seem to have a sixth sense for what a virtual office needs to look like. Can’t recommend it enough!

Sid Pandiya
CEO and Co-Founder of Kona

Just seeing someone's name, being able to click on it and jump right into a conversation reduces the barrier to collaboration. Tandem gives us the space to work on things together, without having to schedule back-to-back meetings.

Dani Sandoval
Director of Design at Chipper

I love using Tandem with my team at Autodesk. I find that we're talking more frequently and not waiting for scheduled meetings to eliminate roadblocks on projects. A huge productivity win all around.

Laura Talbot
Senior Manager, Business Models at Autodesk

A tool that has been an incredible game-changer is @Tandem. We used to only communicate via Slack, Zoom, Notion but this added a new informal yet comfortable and productive layer of communication.


New favorite hybrid work tool for 2022: @Tandem
- Drop-in, drop-out video chat
- Create multiple rooms for conversations
- Easy to have side conversations with just one other person
- Great screen sharing tools
- Doesn’t seem like a CPU hog”

Jordan Arnold

@Tandem is a game changer for remote first and especially remote first early stage. This seriously made all the difference.

Isaiah Steinfeld

@Tandem is a sleek video communication tool for remote teams! Fav feature: Nothing gets us through the day like a good tune. Create a Music Room which connects to Spotify so you can jam out with your mates in real-time.

Paul @ Meetric

I am super impressed by the @Tandem app. And you can see that there was a lot of love given not just to features, but to the UI:)

Luděk Černocký
Tandem - A virtual office for remote & distributed teams | Product HuntTandem - A virtual office for remote & distributed teams | Product Hunt